External Blinds in Surrey & Sussex

During the summer, on those rare days where the sun is unobstructed by clouds and its beams are shining directly into your property, it’s not unreasonable to want to dampen the brightness somewhat. Our external blinds are the perfect way of keeping the sun out and maintaining a nice, cool atmosphere within your property. We offer external blinds installation throughout Reigate, Guildford and beyongd.

Blocking out 96% of the sun’s solar heat radiation, these exterior blinds trap warm air between the glass and the blind itself, meaning no excess heat seeps into your home. They work much like any indoor blinds would, but they are stored in a full-cover cassette case for protection from the elements when they’re not in use. They’re durable, strong and they look fantastic – simply roll them down when you need them, and roll them back up when you don’t.

As well as conservatory blinds and door blinds, we also provide external roof blinds for filtering the light into your roof space. If you have a skylight in your loft conversion, or there are windows in your roof that let light into a living room or kitchen, having the ability to control the amount of light means you can create the ambience you desire.

We offer our outdoor blinds in a wide range of finishes – there’s a patio blind for every home design. Our team are experts in the supply and installation of outdoor roller blinds, so all you need to do is get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you with your query.