Patio Awnings and Canopies in Surrey & Sussex

Sitting on the patio in the sunshine with friends, family or even enjoying the fresh air on your own is one of life’s simple pleasures. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a patio on your property, you will (or you should) have some seating for those summer days. However, while many people enjoy the sunshine, there are two factors to consider: the fact that it could rain at any moment (it is England, after all) and that too much sunlight can be bad for your health.

Our retractable awnings from Caribbean Blinds UK are the perfect way of moderating the amount of exposure to sunlight and providing shelter from the rain – attractive, effective and not intrusive in the slightest.

Gardenscapes are able to install patio awnings on your property to ensure that you can take breaks from the sun without retreating indoors. Your outdoor canopy is stored in a sleek unit that is barely noticeable on the exterior of your property, and the awning itself can extend and retract to the unit as and when you need it.

We can supply and install your awning with the utmost professionalism and efficiency throughout Guildford and Reigate, ensuring you’re left with a shelter solution that looks good and works perfectly. For more information, please contact us today.