Living Walls and Green Roofs

For additional colour, some character and a way of standing out from other properties in the area, living walls and green roofs are an excellent solution. You may have seen a living wall before; a mass of beautiful colours as plants grow and intertwine with each other, covering an entire wall of a property with a beautiful, living feature.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor walls, our living wall services are second to none in Guildford and Reigate. Our expert team can install your living wall perfectly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of it in no time.

Green Roofs

As well as the vertical beauty of living walls, we also offer a similar service in Green Roofs. Transforming the roof of your property into a green one has a number of benefits, not least the sheer beauty of it. It makes for a lovely place to sit and relax on warmer days, they help to reduce CO2 output from your property, and then also offer insulation properties to keep the heat in when you need it.

To find out more about our living walls and green roofs,  get in touch with us today and our team will be happy to help.