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Hedera Helix Goldchild Ivy Green Screen

Gardenscapes recommends using Hedera Helix Goldchild Ivy Green Screens to create a layer of privacy between your neighbour. Green Screens can be used as you would a hedge, with the significant benefit of not having to wait for it to grow. You can also use the hedge to create different sections in your garden.

The ready-made premium Hedera Helix Goldchild Ivy hedge features a steel grid fully covered and intertwined with a stunning climbing plant. It is grown in a biodegradable container and manufactured to a high standard.

Green Screens are easy to install. Prepare the soil as you would for planting, and place the hedge into the ground. You’ll need to purchase the relevant posts and brackets to provide the correct anchoring and ensure the panels stay in place.

The Green Screen is supplied as a grown hedge featuring Hedera Helix Goldchild Ivy, a medium evergreen climber. This ivy does not flower. Its young leaves are light green with a margin of bright yellow. Older leaves are a grey-green colour edged with pale yellow. Find out more about Hedera Helix Goldchild Ivy.

The Hedera Helix Goldchild Ivy panel is in one size.


Hedera Helix Goldchild Ivy Green Screen Specifications

w x h

120 x 180 cm

Hedera Helix Goldchild Ivy Green Screen Features

  • High-quality hedge-style fencing
  • Fully grown hedge
  • Available in different heights
  • Plant options available
  • Plant throughout the year but not during frost periods
  • Certified sustainable product
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It comes in a biodegradable coconut fibre pot
  • Ten-year guarantee

Hedera Helix Goldchild Ivy Green Screen Benefits

  • Instant privacy for your garden
  • Green hedge without the wait
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Biodiversity and environmentally friendly credentials
  • Improves air quality
  • Reduces fine dust by 40-60%

Please see the Green Screen Accessories.

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