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Stunning small garden design ideas

If you own a small garden, it’s crucial to utilise its potential fully through strategic design, which is why we’ve curated a list of ten small garden design ideas. Compact gardens often present challenges, such as limited space and privacy concerns from neighbouring views. However, you can assure you that Gardenscapes and our expert in-house garden designers, with a track record of creating luxurious gardens in Surrey and West Sussex since 1999, are here to help you. We’re dedicated to helping you transform your garden into an inviting and remarkable space. 

10 small garden design ideas

Below, you’ll find ten small garden design ideas to inspire and guide your efforts, including built-in features and considerations for privacy and safety.

1. Built-In Seating
Incorporate built-in benches or seating that doubles as storage around the perimeter of your garden or under windows. This saves space and avoids the clutter of additional furniture.
2. Space-Saving Furniture
Invest in space-saving furniture such as a picnic table. Or purchase a fold-down table and chairs. These furniture items are ideal for dining and entertaining without permanently occupying the space or occupying too much room.
3. Privacy Screens
Add tall, narrow plants, privacy panels, or decorative screens to shield your garden from neighbours. Bamboo or tall grasses can provide a natural and stylish barrier.
4. Reflective Mirrors
Place weather-resistant mirrors strategically to reflect light and visually expand the space. This trick creates the illusion of a more extensive garden.
5. Built-In Barbecues
Opt for a built-in barbecue area that fits snugly into a garden corner. This feature allows you to enjoy outdoor cooking without requiring a large, standalone grill.
6. Safe Water Features
Install a safe, self-contained water feature that doesn’t take up much room. This can add a relaxing element to the garden without the safety concerns of a large pond.
7. Lighting for Atmosphere and Safety
Implement various lighting options, such as garden lights along paths, spotlights for focal points, and ambient lighting for seating areas. Proper lighting enhances safety while creating a warm atmosphere.
8. Pathways with Purpose
Design paths that are practical and add aesthetic value. Use paving stones or decorative gravel to define the paths clearly and add texture to the garden.
9. Vertical Gardening
Use vertical space by installing wall-mounted planters, climbing plants on trellises, and living walls. This approach helps maximise the planting area without sacrificing valuable ground space.
10. Potted Gardens
Grow plants in containers that can be moved around as needed. Choose pots in various sizes and colours to add visual interest and flexibility.
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If you’re in the market for professional garden design and construction services tailored to your compact garden, consider Gardenscapes. We cater to clients throughout Surrey, in locations such as Cobham, Dorking, Esher, Guildford, Horley, Oxshott, and Reigate, as well as in West Sussex regions, including Billingshurst, Haywards Heath and Horsham. We invite you to use our comprehensive design and landscape construction package to transform your outdoor area. Our garden design services start at £2,700 + VAT, while landscape construction begins at £30,000 + VAT.

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