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Ten large garden design ideas

If you’re fortunate to own a large garden, it’s essential to maximise its potential with effective design strategies. Large gardens can sometimes pose challenges, especially if they’re unusually shaped or lack defining features. However, there’s no need to worry because Gardenscapes and our expert in-house garden designers have been creating luxurious gardens across Surrey and West Sussex since 1999. We’re here to guide you in transforming your space into a welcoming and impressive area with our ten large garden design ideas. 

10 large garden design ideas

Below, we’ve compiled ten large garden design ideas to inspire and inform your plans, ensuring you create a space that truly reflects your needs and aesthetics.

1. Garden Plan
Determine how you plan to use your garden. Whether you aim to cultivate a kitchen garden or host alfresco dinner parties, your activities will shape the overall layout. Start by zoning your garden to support these functions effectively.
2. Focal Point
Every considerable garden benefits from a striking focal point, whether it's a sculptural element, a beautiful tree, an ornate fountain, or an attractive seating area. This draws the eye and gives the space structure.
3. Pathways
Design pathways that lead you through different garden parts, providing practical routes and adding to the overall aesthetic. Use materials that complement the garden's style, like flagstone for a rustic look or sleek pavers for a modern feel.
4. Water Feature
Water features like ponds add a dynamic and soothing element to the garden. They can also be wildlife-friendly, attracting birds and beneficial insects and adding a sense of serenity.
5. Layered Planting
Implement layered planting techniques by using a variety of plants of different heights and types. This creates a lush, complete look and can help fill an ample space without feeling sparse or empty.
6. Eco-Friendly
When selecting plants or materials for your garden, opting for environmentally friendly and sustainable choices is wise. This approach helps conserve natural resources and ensures you contribute positively to the environment.
7. Outdoor Entertainment Area
Equip the garden with an area dedicated to outdoor entertainment. This could include a patio with a dining set, a barbecue area, and even an outdoor bar, perfect for hosting events or family gatherings.
8. Privacy Screening and Structures
If your garden is more exposed, consider adding privacy screens from tall hedges, bamboo, or trellises covered with climbing plants. This not only secures your space but also adds aesthetically pleasing green walls. We install outdoor garden structures and pergolas by Tarasola because their products are well-built and the designs are beautiful.
9. Mood and Security Lighting
Use lighting to enhance the garden’s appeal during twilight and evening hours. Strategic lighting can highlight key features, provide safety on pathways, and create a magical atmosphere at night.
10. Reflective Spaces
Include a quiet, secluded area for reflection or meditation. This could feature a small bench under a shade tree, a sculpture, or a simple Zen garden.
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If you’re considering a professional garden design and construction service for your large garden, look no further than Gardenscapes. We serve clients across Surrey, including Cobham, Dorking, Esher, Guildford, Horley, Oxshott, and Reigate, as well as West Sussex areas like Billingshurst, Haywards Heath, and Horsham. Please take full advantage of our comprehensive design and landscape construction package to revitalise your outdoor space. Our garden design services begin at £2,700 + VAT, and landscape construction projects start at £30,000 + VAT

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